We has invested in the high end latest cPAQ Taxi Despatch Software System from Cordic. Each operator knows the location of all our cars using their GPS and constantly monitors their position and their status anywhere in the country. Cordic’s unique Intelligent Despatch Engine will consistently choose the most efficient method of despatch.

Our text facility system provided you the link onto your mobile phone informing about your car details and information its being
despatched and you can even track your car on-line or on your smartphone.

The system allows each operator, not only to book jobs, but also to track vehicles on a live map display, and resolve any problems that may arise, quickly and professionally. The only unit in the car is a PDA, personal digital

The Cordic system uses mobile technology. The job is displayed on the screen in text form and by pressing a button it changes to the sat-nav unit detailing tile planned route journey tile driver should take.